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EN -- Manlio Dinucci -The Art of War -- The new Russian Campaign

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The Art of War
The new Russian Campaign  

Manlio Dinucci   

"Putin will use the World Cup as Hitler used the 1936 Olympics, that is to conceal the brutal, corrupt regime he is responsible for": this official statement by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson shows at what level the propaganda campaign against Russia was raised.

In a cartoon in the British newspaper The Guardian, traced from a Nazi poster of the Forties, Russia is depicted as a giant spider, with the head of Putin, gripping the world.

Russia is accused of poisoning in England one of its former officers, arrested for spying 12 years ago and released 8 years ago (therefore no longer in possession of sensitive information), using to poison him and his daughter, the nerve agent Novichok once produced in the Soviet Union (so as to deliberately leave the footprint of Moscow in the crime scene).

Russia is accused of penetrating with exceptional skill in information networks, manipulating even the presidential elections in the United States ("an act of war" according to  John Bolton, new adviser for national security).

Russia is now accused officially by the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to prepare for sabotaging, with its hackers, power plants including nuclear power plants, water systems and airports in the United States and Europe, so as to paralyze entire countries.

In this way they create the image of an increasingly aggressive enemy, against which we should defend ourselves.

In a press conference with Johnson, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg accuses Russia of the "first use of a nerve agent on the territory of the Alliance", which would be a real act of war; he accuses Russia of "undermining our democratic institutions", i.e. conducting subversive action within Western democracies; he accuses Russia of 'violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine', i.e. beginning the invasion of Europe.

In front of the "irresponsible behavior of Russia", Stoltenberg announces, "NATO is responding". In this way, public opinion is prepared for a further strengthening of the Alliance's war machine under US command, including the deployment of the new B61-12 nuclear bombs and probably also of new US nuclear missiles in Europe.

The main objective of the US National Defense Strategy, the Pentagon announces, is "to improve the readiness and lethality of US forces in Europe". For this purpose, 6.5 billion dollars are allocated in the 2019 fiscal year, bringing the total of the 2015-2019 five-year period to 16.5 billion.

This allocation constitutes only a part of the overall appropriation for the “Atlantic Resolve”, the operation launched in 2014 to "demonstrate the US commitment to the security of the European allies".

Commitment shown by the continuous transfer of land, air and naval forces from the United States to Eastern Europe, where they are flanked by those of the major European allies, including Italy.

At the same time NATO is strengthened with a new joint Atlantic Command, inventing the scenario of Russian submarines ready to sink merchant ships on transatlantic routes, and with a new logistic Command, inventing the scenario of a NATO forced to move rapidly its forces eastwards to face a Russian aggression.

In this way they try to justify the US/NATO escalation against Russia, underestimating its ability to react when it is put on the ropes.

Johnson, who compares Putin to Hitler, should remember what happened to Hitler's armies when they invaded Russia.

(the manifesto, March 27, 2018)


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