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Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History? by Paul Craig Roberts

Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History?

Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History?

The man who died twice
Paul Craig Roberts
Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI who is working as a special prosecutor “investigating” a contrived hoax designed by the military/security complex and the DNC to destroy the Trump presidency, has yet to produce a scrap of evidence that Russiagate is anything but orchestrated fake news. As William Binney and other top experts have said, if there is evidence of Russiagate, the NSA would have it. No investigation would be necessary. So where is the evidence?
It is a revelation of how corrupt Washington is that a fake scandal is being investigated while a real scandal is not. The fake scandal is Trump’s Russiagate. The real scandal is Hillary Clinton’s uranium sale to Russia. No evidence for the former exists. Voluminous evidence for Hillary’s scandal lies in plain view.
Why are the clearly false charges against Trump being investigated and the clearly true charges against Hillary not being investigated? 
The answer is that Hillary with her hostility toward Russia and her denunciation of Russian President Putin as the “New Hitler” is not a threat to the budget and power of the US military/security complex, while Trump’s aim of normalizing relations with Russia would deprive the military/security complex of the “enemy” it requires to justify its massive budget and power.
Why hasn’t President Trump ordered the Justice Department to investigate Hillary? 
Is the answer that Trump is afraid the military/security complex will assassinate him? 
Why hasn’t the Justice Department undertaken the investigation on its own? 
Is the answer that Trump’s government is allied with his enemies?
How corrupt does Mueller have to be to agree to lead a fake investigation designed to overthrow the democratic election of the President of the United States? 
Why doesn’t Trump have Mueller and Comey arrested for sedition and conspiring to overthrow the president of the United States?
Why instead is Mueller expanding his investigation beyond his mandate and bringing charges against Manafort and others for decade-old under-reporting of income? 
Why instead is Congress harassing journalist Randy Credico for interviewing Julian Assange? 
How does an interview become part of the House Intelligence (sic) Committee’s investigation into “Russian active measures directed at the 2016 U.S. election?” 
There were no such active measures, but the uranium sale was real.
Why haven’t the media conglomerates that have produced presstitutes instead of journalists been broken up?
 Why can presstitutes lie 24/7, but a man can’t make a pass at a woman?
Once you begin asking questions, there is no end of them.
The failure of the US and European media is extreme.
The presstitutes never investigate real events. The presstitutes never question inconsistencies in official stories. They never tie together loose ends. They simply read over and over the script handed to them until the official story that controls the explanation is driven into the public’s head.
Consider, for example, the Obama regime’s claim to have murdered Osama bin Laden in his “compound” in Abbottabad, Pakistan, next to a Pakistani military base. The official story had to be changed several times. The Obama regime claim that Obama and top government officials had watched the raid via cameras on the SEALs’ helmets had to be abandoned. There was no reason to withhold the filmed evidence, and of course there was no such evidence, so the initial claim to have watched the killing became a “miscommunication.” The staged photo of the top government officials watching the alleged live filming was never explained. 
The entire story never made any sense: Osama, unarmed and defended only by his unarmed wife, was murdered in cold blood by a SEAL. 
What in the world for? 
Why murder rather than capture the “terrorist mastermind” from whom endless information could have been gained? 
Why forgo the political fanfare of parading Osama bin Laden before the world as a captive of the American superpower?
Why were no photographs taken? 
Why was Osama’s body dumped in the ocean. In other words, why was all the evidence destroyed and nothing saved to back up the story?
Why the fake story of Osama being given a sea burial from an aircraft carrier? 
Why was no media interested that the ship’s crew wrote home that no such burial took place?
Why was there no presstitute interest in the fact that the SEAL unit, from which the SEALs on the alleged raid on bin Laden’s compound were drawn, was loaded against regulations in one 50-year old Vietnam era helicopter and shot down in Afghanistan, with all lives lost? 
Why was there no presstitute interest in the parents of the SEALs complaints about inappropriate procedures that cost their sons’ lives and about fears expressed to them by sons that something was wrong and they felt endangered? 
Did the SEAL unit have to be wiped out because the members were asking one another, “who was on that raid?” 
“Were you on the bin Laden raid?” When in fact no one was on the raid.
Why wasn’t Congress interested?
Why was the live Pakistani TV interview with an eye witness of the alleged raid on bin Laden’s compound not reported in the US media? 
The witness contradicted every aspect of the official story. And this was immediately after the event. There was no time for anyone to concoct an elaborate counter-story or motive to do so. 
Here is the interview:
and here is a verified translation that confirms the accuracy of the English subscripts:
Osama bin Laden had been dead for a decade prior to the false claim that Navy SEALs murdered him in Pakistan in May 2011. 
Here is bin Laden’s last confirmed interview. He says he had nothing to do with 9/11. 
Why would a terrorist leader who succeed in humiliating “the world’s only superpower” fail to boost his movement by claiming credit?
See also:
Think about this. The bin Laden story, including 9/11, is fake from start to finish, but it is inscribed into encyclopedias, history books, and the public’s consciousness.
And this is just one example of the institutionalized mass lies concocted by Washington and the presstitutes and turned into truth. Washington’s self-serving control over explanations has removed Americans from reality and made them slaves to fake news.
So, how does democracy function when voters have no reliable information and, instead, are led into the agendas of the rulers by orchestrated events and fake news?
Where is there any evidence that the United States is a functioning democracy?

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PT -- Será que não conseguem perceber a guerra a surgir no horizonte? Paul Craig Roberts

Será que não conseguem perceber a guerra a surgir no horizonte?

Paul Craig Roberts

De acordo com notícias da imprensa britânica, o Presidente russo, Vladimir Putin, deu ordem às indústrias russas para se prepararem de modo a poderem mudar rapidamente para uma produção de guerra. 

Claro que o governo russo não faria tal anúncio a não ser que estivesse convencido de que a perspectiva da guerra com o Ocidente fosse real. Há já algum tempo, que tenho salientado nas minhas colunas que, a consequência das acções hostis há alguns anos, levadas a cabo por Washington e pelos seus vassalos europeus, contra a Rússia, conduziam à guerra.

É fácil perceber que o enorme complexo militar/segurança dos EUA precisa de um inimigo convincente para justificar o seu enorme orçamento, que os alucinados neoconservadores colocam a ideologia fantasiosa de uma hegemonia mundial dos EUA acima da vida do planeta, e que Hillary e a Comissão do Partido Democrata Nacional farão qualquer coisa para derrubar a vitória presidencial de Trump. No entanto, é difícil compreender por que motivo os líderes políticos europeus estão dispostos a colocar os seus países em risco a fim de beneficiarem Washington.

No entanto, fazem-no. Por exemplo, em 13 de Novembro, a  Primeira Ministra do Reino Unido, Theresa May, disse que a Rússia era uma ameaça à segurança internacional e que estava a interferir nas eleições europeias e a piratear informaticamente os governos europeus. Não há provas para essas reivindicações como não há para o “Russiagate”. No entanto, as alegações continuam e multiplicam-se. Presentemente, a União Europeia está a coordenar as antigas províncias da União Soviética - Bielorrússia, Moldávia, Ucrânia, Geórgia, Arménia e Azerbaijão - numa "Parceria Oriental" com essa mesma União Europeia.

Por outras palavras, o Ocidente está a coordenar abertamente as antigas províncias de Moscovo contra a Rússia, que é declarada pela Primeira Ministra, Teresa May como sendo um "Estado hostil". A Rússia sabe que não há fundamentos para essas alegações e considera-as idênticas às alegações falsas contra Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi e Assad para justificar os ataques militares contra o Iraque, Líbia e Síria. Tendo convencido a Rússia de que ela está a ser encarada como um alvo a atacar, a mesma está a preparar-se contra a guerra.

Pensem nisto durante um momento. O mundo está a ser conduzido ao Armageddon, simplesmente porque o complexo militar/segurança, corrupto e ganancioso, precisa de um inimigo para justificar o seu enorme orçamento, porque Hillary e o DNC não podem aceitar uma derrota política e porque os neoconservadores têm a ideologia da Supremacia Americana. 

Qual é a diferença entre a detestada Supremacia Branca e a Supremacia Americana que o próprio Presidente Obama aprovou? Por que motivo  a supremacia branca é terrível e a Supremacia Americana é uma dádiva que Deus ofereceu a este país “excepcional” e “indispensável”?

O governo russo partilhou abertamente a sua preocupação pelo facto da Rússia estar a ser considerada um alvo para ataques militares. Tal como eu e mesmo a CNN, o New York Times e o Washington Post, relataram, o Vice-Comandante do Comando de Operações Militares russas declarou publicamente a preocupação de que Washington esteja a preparar um ataque nuclear surpresa contra a Rússia. O Presidente Putin chamou a atenção, recentemente, para a recolha de DNA russo, a mando de Washington e levada a cabo por um laboratório de armamento da Força Aérea dos EUA, o que implica o desenvolvimento de uma arma biológica específica contra a Rússia. Em muitas ocasiões, a Rússia chamou a atenção para as bases dos EUA e da NATO nas suas fronteiras, apesar das garantias anteriores das administrações dos EUA de que tal situação nunca iria acontecer.

Temos de nos interrogar: 

Por que razão é que este assunto não é o principal ponto de discussão pública e política – de que Washington convenceu a Rússia de que ela, um poder nuclear e militar de primeiro grau, vai ser atacada?

 Em vez disso, ouvimos falar de jogadores de futebol que se ajoelham ao escutar o hino nacional, notícias falsas sobre Russiagate, um tiroteio em Las Vegas, etc.

Também devemos interrogar-nos: 

Durante quanto tempo Washington vai permitir que qualquer um de nós, através da Internet, relate notícias verdadeiras em vez das falsas que Washington divulga, para controlar as explicações? 

O esforço do presidente da Comissão Federal de Comunicações para destruir a neutralidade da rede e outros esforços em curso para desacreditar as notícias verdadeiras, pois que a propaganda russa indica que Washington concluiu que, para lançar a guerra contra a Rússia, Washington também deve lançar a guerra contra a verdade.

Washington não vai sobreviver à sua guerra, nem os povos americanos, nem os europeus.

[Ndt – nem a espécie humana, animal e vegetal sobreviverá a um Inverno Nuclear]. 

How I Became a “Kremlin Troll”

How I Became a “Kremlin Troll”

How I Became a “Kremlin Troll”
The Saker

Book excerpt: How I became a Kremlin troll by The Saker
5403 ViewsNovember 27, 2017 33 Comments
Book excerpt: How I became a Kremlin troll by The Saker
Dear friends,
Today, with the kind permission of Phil Butler, I am posting the full text of my contribution to his book “Putin’s Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls“.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  The main one is that I strongly believe that this book deserves a much bigger visibility than it has received (this is also why, exceptionally, I am placing this post in the top “analyses” category and not elsewhere).  Please read my review here to see why I feel so strongly about this book.  Frankly, I am rather shocked by the very little amount of reviews this book as generated.  I don’t even know if somebody besides Russia Insider has bothered writing a review of it or not, but even if somebody has, it is still a crying shame that this most interesting volume has been so far ignored by the alternative media including the one friendly to Russia.  So by posting my own contribution here I want to bring back this book to the “front page”, so to speak, of our community.  Second, I want to ask for your help.  Right now the Kindle version of the book has 15 reviews on Amazon and only 1 review for the printed paper version.  This is not enough.  I am therefore asking you to 1) buy the book (Amazon wants reviews by purchasers) and 2) write a review on Amazon.  Guys – that is something most of you can do to help, so please do so!  We need to show the world that there is what I call “another West” which, far from being russophobic is, in fact, capable of producing real friends and even defenders of Russia.  So, please, do your part, help Phil in his heroic struggle, get the paper version of the book and review it on Amazon!
Thanks a lot for your help, hugs and cheers,
The Saker

How I became a Kremlin troll by The Saker
By birth, experience, and training, I truly had everything needed to hate Putin.  I was born in a family of “White Russians” whose anti-Communism was total and visceral.
My childhood was filled with (mostly true) stories about atrocities and massacres committed by the Bolsheviks during the revolution and subsequent civil war.  Since my father had left me, I had an exiled Russian Orthodox Archbishop as a spiritual father, and through him, I learned of all the genocidal persecutions the Bolsheviks unleashed against the Orthodox Church.
At the age of 16, I had already read the three volumes of the “Gulag Archipelago” and carefully studied the history of WWII.  By 18 I was involved in numerous anti-Soviet activities such as distributing anti-Soviet propaganda in the mailboxes of Soviet diplomats or organizing the illegal importation of banned books into the Soviet Union through the Soviet merchant marine and fishing fleet (mostly at their station in the Canary Islands).  I was also working with an undercover group of Orthodox Christians sending help, mainly in the form of money, to the families of jailed dissidents. And since I was fluent in Russian, my military career took me from a basic training in electronic warfare, to a special unit of linguists for the General Staff of the Swiss military, to becoming a military analyst for the strategic intelligence service of Switzerland.
The Soviet authorities had long listed me, and my entire family, as dangerous anti-Soviet activists and I, therefore, could not travel to Russia until the fall of Communism in 1991 when I immediately caught the first available flight and got to Moscow while the barricades built against the GKChP coup were still standing.   Truly, by this fateful month of August 1991, I was a perfect anti-Soviet activist and an anti-Communist hardliner.  I even took a photo of myself standing next to the collapsed statue of Felix Derzhinsky (the founder of the ChK – the first Soviet Secret police) with my boot pressed on his iron throat.  That day I felt that my victory was total.  It was also short-lived.
Instead of bringing the long-suffering Russian people freedom, peace, and prosperity, the end of Communism in Russia only brought chaos, poverty, violence, and abject exploitation by the worst class of scum the defunct Soviet system had produced.  I was horrified.  Unlike so many other anti-Soviet activists who were also Russophobes, I never conflated my people and the regime which oppressed them.  So, while I rejoiced at the end of one horror, I was also appalled to see that another one had taken its place.  Even worse, it was undeniable that the West played an active role in every and all forms of anti-Russian activities, from the total protection of Russian mobsters, on to the support of the Wahabi insurgents in Chechnya, and ending with the financing of a propaganda machine which tried to turn the Russian people into mindless consumers to the presence of western “advisors” (yeah, right!) in all the key ministries.  The oligarchs were plundering Russia and causing immeasurable suffering, and the entire West, the so-called “free world” not only did nothing to help but helped all the enemies of Russia with every resource it had.  Soon the NATO forces attacked Serbia, a historical ally of Russia, in total violation of the most sacred principles of international law.  East Germany was not only reunified but instantly incorporated into West Germany and NATO pushed as far East as possible.  I could not pretend that all this could be explained by some fear of the Soviet military or by a reaction to the Communist theory of world revolution.  In truth, it became clear to me that the western elites did not hate the Soviet system or ideology, but that they hated Russian people themselves and the culture and civilization which they had created.
By the time the war against the Serbian nation in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo broke out, I was in a unique situation: all day long I could read classified UNPROFOR and military reports about what was taking place in that region and, after work, I could read the counter-factual anti-Serbian propaganda the western corporate Ziomedia was spewing out every day.  I was horrified to see that literally everything the media was saying was a total lie.  Then came the false flags, first in Sarajevo, but later also in Kosovo.   My illusions about “Free World” and the “West” were crumbling.  Fast.
Fate brought me to Russia in 1993 when I saw the carnage of meted out by the “democratic” Eltsin regime against thousands of Russians in Moscow (many more than what the official press reported).  I also saw the Red Flags and Stalin portraits around the parliament building.  My disgust by then was total.  And when the Eltsin regime decided to bring Dudaev’s Chechnia to heel triggering yet another needless bloodbath, that disgust turned into despair.  Then came the stolen elections of 1996 and the murder of General Lebed. At that point, I remember thinking “Russia is dead.”
So, when the entourage of Eltsin suddenly appointed an unknown nobody to acting President of Russia, I was rather dubious, to put it mildly.  The new guy was not a drunk or an arrogant oligarch, but he looked rather unimpressive.  He was also ex-KGB which was interesting: on one hand, the KGB had been my lifelong enemy but on the other hand, I knew that the part of the KGB which dealt with foreign intelligence was staffed by the brightest of the brightest and that they had nothing to do with political repression, Gulags and all the rest of the ugly stuff another Directorate of the KGB (the 5th) was tasked with (that department had been abolished in 1989).  Putin came from the First Main Directorate of the KGB, the “PGU KGB.”  Still, my sympathies were more with the (far less political) military intelligence service (GRU) than the very political PGU which, I was quite sure by then, had a thick dossier on my family and me.
Then, two crucial things happened in parallel: both the “Free world” and Putin showed their true faces: the “Free world” as an AngloZionist Empire hell-bent on aggression and oppression, and Vladimir Putin as a real patriot of Russia. In fact, Putin slowly began looking like a hero to me: very gradually, in small incremental steps first, Putin began to turn Russia around, especially in two crucial matters: he was trying to “re-sovereignize” the country (making it truly sovereign and independent again), and he dared the unthinkable: he openly told the Empire that it was not only wrong, it was illegitimate (just read the transcript of Putin’s amazing 2007 “Munich Speech”).
Putin inspired me to make a dramatic choice: will I stick to my lifelong prejudices or will I let reality prove my lifelong prejudices wrong. The first option was far more comfortable to me, and all my friends would approve. The second one was far trickier, and it would cost me the friendship of many people. But what was the better option for Russia? Could it be that it was the right thing for a “White Russian” to join forces with the ex-KGB officer?
I found the answer here in a photo of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Vladimir Putin:
Putin for book
If that old-generation anti-Communist hardliner who, unlike me, had spent time in the Gulag, could take Putin’s hand, then so could I!
In fact, the answer was obvious all along: while the “White” and the “Red” principles and ideologies were incompatible and mutually exclusive, there is also no doubt that nowadays true patriots of Russia can be found both in the former “Red” and “White” camps. To put it differently, I don’t think that “Whites” and “Reds” will ever agree on the past, but we can, and must, agree on the future. Besides, the Empire does not care whether we are “Red” or “White” – the Empire wants us all either enslaved or dead.
Putin, in the meantime, is still the only world leader with enough guts to openly tell the Empire how ugly, stupid and irresponsible it is (read his 2015 UN Speech).  And when I listen to him I see that he is neither “White” nor “Red.”  He is simply Russian.
So, this is how I became a Kremlin troll and a Putin fanboy.
The Saker

Can’t You See War On The Horizon? Paul Craig Roberts

Can’t You See War On The Horizon? — Paul Craig Roberts

Can’t You See War On The Horizon?
Paul Craig Roberts
According to news reports in the British press, Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed Russia’s industries to prepare themselves to be able to make a quick switch to war production.
Clearly, the Russian government would not make such an announcement unless it was convinced that the prospect of war with the West was real. For some time I have emphasized in my columns that the consequence of years of hostile actions taken by Washington and its European vassals against Russia was leading to war.
It is easy to understand that the massive US military/security complex needs a convincing enemy in order to justify its enormous budget, that the crazed neoconservatives put their fantasy ideology of US world hegemony above the life of the planet, and that Hillary and the Democratic National Committee will do anything to overturn Trump’s presidential victory. However, it is difficult to understand why the European political leaders are willing to put their countries at risk for Washington’s benefit.
Yet, they do. For example, on November 13 UK PM Theresa May said that Russia was a threat to international security and was interfering in European elections and hacking European governments. There is no more evidence for these claims than there is for “Russiagate.” Yet the allegations continue and multiply. Now the European Union is organizing former provinces of the Soviet Union—Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan—into an “Eastern Partnership” with the European Union.
In other words, the West is openly organizing former provinces of Moscow against Russia, declared by Prime Minister May to be a “hostile state.” Russia knows that there is no basis for the allegations against Russia and regards them as identical to the false allegations against Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad in order to justify military attacks on Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Having convinced Russia that she is being set up for attack, Russia is preparing for war.
Think about this for a moment. The world is being driven to Armageddon simply because a greedy and corrupt US military/security complex needs an enemy to justify its huge budget, because Hillary and the DNC cannot accept a political defeat, and because the neoconservatives have an ideology of American Supremacy. What’s the difference between the detested White Supremacy and the American Supremacy that President Obama himself endorsed? Why is white supremacy terrible and American supremacy God’s gift to the “exceptional” and “indispensable” country?
The Russian government has openly shared its concern that Russia is being set up for military attack. As I, if not CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, have reported, the deputy commander of the Russian military’s Operation Command stated publicly the concern that Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear attack against Russia. President Putin recently called attention to Washington’s collection of Russian DNA for a US Air Force weapons lab, which implies development of a Russian-specific bio-weapon. On many occasions Russia has called attention to US and NATO bases on its borders despite previous assurances from US administrations that no such thing would ever happen.
We have to ask ourselves why it is not the top item of public and political discussion that Washington has convinced Russia, a premier nuclear and military power, that Russia is going to be attacked. Instead, we hear of football players who kneel for the national anthem, fake news about Russiagate, a Las Vegas shooting, and so on.
We also must ask ourselves how much longer Washington is going to permit any of us via the Internet to report the real news instead of the fake news that Washington uses to control explanations. The effort by the Federal Communications Commission chairman to destroy net neutrality and other efforts underway to discredit factual news as Russian propaganda indicate that Washington has concluded that in order to war on Russia Washington must also war on truth. and
Washington will not survive its war, and neither will the American and European people.

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EN -- Manlio Dinucci -- The art of war: At Ghedi Airbase 30 F-35 fighters with 60 nuclear bombs

Everything went exactly as planned but the RAF could not claim credit for the rainbow
The art of war

At Ghedi Airbase 30 F-35 fighters with 60 nuclear bombs

Manlio Dinucci

The military airport of Ghedi (Brescia) is preparing to become one of the main operational bases of the F-35 fighters.

The Ministry of Defence has published in the Official Gazette a tender notice for design (€2.5 million) and construction (€60.7 million) of new infrastructure for F-35: the three-storey command building with operating rooms and flight simulators; the hangar for fighter maintenance, 3460 square metres with a 5-ton overhead crane, plus other 2800 m2 structures; a 1100 m2 warehouse; 15 shelters, 440 m2 each.

As each shelter can accommodate two fighters, the total capacity will be 30 F-35s.

All the buildings will be concentrated in a single fenced area, under video surveillance,  separated from the rest of the airport: a base inside the base, access to which will be prohibited to the airport's military personnel except for the one of F-35 fighters.

The reason is clear: alongside the F-35A with conventional takeoff and landing - of which Italy buys 60 units together with 30 F-35Bs with short takeoff and vertical landing - the new US nuclear bombs B61-12 will be located in Ghedi.

Like the current B-61, they can also be dropped by the Tornado PA-200 of the 6th Wing, but to drive them precisely on the target and exploit their anti-bunker capabilities, you need the F-35A fighter aircraft equipped with special digital systems.

Since each fighter can carry 2 nuclear bombs internally, can 60 B61-12 can be located in Ghedi, the triple of the current B-61s.

Like the previous ones, the B61-12 will be controlled by the special US unit (704th Munitions Support Squadron of the U. S. Air Force «accountable for the receipt, storage and maintenance of U.S. war reserve weapons committed to NATO’s 6th Stormo Italian Wing».

The same unit of the U. S. Air Force has the task of «directly supporting the strike mission» of the 6th Wing. Italian pilots are already trained in the airbases of Eglin in Florida and Luke in Arizona, to use the F-35s also for nuclear attack missions.

Fighters of the same type, armed or otherwise weaponable with the B61-12, will be deployed in the base of Amendola (Foggia), where a year ago the first F-35 arrived, and in other bases. In addition to these, there will be the F-35s of the U. S. Air Force deployed in Aviano with the B61-12 nuclear bombs.

Against this background, to request, as the 5 Stars Movement has done in the Chamber, that Italy declare its «unwillingness to acquire the necessary components to make the F-35 suitable for the transport of nuclear weapons», is equivalent to requiring that the army be equipped with tanks without cannons.

The new F-35 fighter and the new B61-12 nuclear bomb constitute an integrated weapon system.

Participation in the F-35 programme strengthens Italy's anchoring to the United States. The Italian war industry, headed by Leonardo who manages the F-35 assembly plant in Cameri (Novara), is even more integrated into the gigantic US military-industrial complex headed by Lockheed Martin, the world's largest war industry (with 16000 suppliers in the USA and 1500 in 65 other countries), the manufacturer of the F-35.

The deployment of F-35 armed with B61-12 nuclear bombs on our territory subordinates Italy even more to the Pentagon chain of command, depriving Parliament of any real decision-making power. 

Il Manifesto, November 27, 2017

PT -- Manlio Dinucci -- A Arte da Guerra: Em Ghedi, 30 caça-bombardeiros F-35 com 60 bombas nucleares

 Everything went exactly as planned but the RAF could not claim credit for the rainbow
A Arte da Guerra

Em Ghedi, 30 caça-bombardeiros F-35 com 60 bombas nucleares

Manlio Dinucci

O Aeroporto Militar de Ghedi (Brescia) está a preparar-se para ser uma das principais bases dos caça-bombardeiros  F-35.

O Ministério da Defesa publicou na Gazeta Oficial, o anúncio do projecto arquitectónico (2,5 milhões de euros) e a construção (60,7 milhões de euros) de novas infraestruturas para o F-35: um edifício de três andares com salas de operação e simuladores de vôo; o hangar para a manutenção dos caças, 3460 metros quadrados com uma grua de 5 toneladas, além de mais estruturas de 2800 m2; um armazém de 1100 m2 com um edifício de dois andares para escritórios e uma central de energia com cabine eléctrica e tanques contra incêndios; 15 hangares de 440 m2, para os quais serão levados os caça-bombardeiros prontos para levantar voo.

Visto que cada hangar pequeno pode acomodar dois aparelhos, a capacidade total será de 30 caça-bombardeiros F-35.

Todos os edifícios estarão concentrados numa única área fechada e sob vídeo vigilância, separada do resto do aeroporto: uma base dentro dessa base, cujo acesso será proibido ao pessoal militar do aeroporto, excepto à equipa dos pilotos dos novos caças.

O motivo é claro: juntamente com a decolagem e aterrizagem convencional do F-35A - da qual a Itália compra 60 unidades juntamente com 30 caças F-35B, com decolagem curta e aterrizagem vertical - as novas bombas nucleares norte-americanas B61-12 serão introduzidas em Ghedi.

Tal como as bombas B-61, estas também podem ser lançadas dos Tornados PA-200, do 6º Stormo, mas, para guiá-las  com precisão sobre o objectivo e aproveitar ao máximo as suas capacidades anti-bunker, os caça-bombardeiros F-35A são dotados de sistemas digitais especiais .

Dado que cada caça-bombardeiro pode transportar 2 bombas nucleares no tanque interno, podem ser implantadas em Ghedi 60 bombas B61-12, o triplo das actuais B-61.

Assim como as precedentes, as bombas B61-12 serão controladas por uma unidade especial americana (o 704º Esquadrão de Apoio às Munições da Força Aérea dos EUA), «Responsável pela recepção, armazenamento e manutenção das armas da reserva de guerra dos EUA, destinadas ao 6º Stormo da Força Aérea Italiana" .

A mesma unidade da Força Aérea dos EUA tem a tarefa de "apoiar directamente a missão de ataque" do 6º Stormo. Os pilotos italianos já foram treinados, no uso dos caça-bombardeiros F-35 para missões de mísseis nucleares, nas bases aéreas de Eglin, na Florida e Luke, no Arizona.

Os caças do mesmo tipo, armados ou que possam ser armados com  bombas nucleares B61-12, serão colocados na base de Amendola (Foggia), onde há um ano chegou o primeiro F-35, e noutras bases. Além destes, haverá os F-35 da Força Aérea dos EUA, distribuídos em Aviano com as bombas B61-12.

Neste contexto, pedir à Itália que declare “a falta de disponibilidade para adquirir os componentes necessários para tornar o F-35 apto para o transporte de armas nucleares” como fez o Movimento 5 Stelle no Parlamento, equivale a exigir que o exército esteja equipado com tanques sem canhões.

O novo caça F-35 e a nova bomba nuclear B61-12 são um sistema de armas integrado.

A participação no programa F-35 reforça a parceria da Itália com os Estados Unidos. A indústria de guerra italiana, liderada por Leonardo, que gere a fábrica de montagem F-35 em Cameri (Novara), está ainda mais integrada no gigantesco complexo militar industrial dos EUA liderado pela Lockheed Martin, a maior indústria militar do mundo (com 16000 fornecedores nos EUA e 1500 noutros 65 países), a empresa construtora do F-35.

A incorporação no nosso território dos F-35 armados com bombas nucleares B61-12 subordina ainda mais a Itália à cadeia de comando do Pentágono, privando o Parlamento de qualquer poder de decisão genuíno.

Il manifesto, 28 de Novembro de 2017

IT -- Manlio Dinucci -- L’arte della guerra: A Ghedi 30 F-35 con 60 bombe nucleari

Everything went exactly as planned but the RAF could not claim credit for the rainbow

L’arte della guerra

A Ghedi 30 F-35 con 60 bombe nucleari

Manlio Dinucci

L’aeroporto militare di Ghedi (Brescia) si prepara a divenire una delle principali basi operative dei caccia F-35.

Il ministero della Difesa ha pubblicato sulla Gazzetta ufficiale il bando di progettazione (importo 2,5 milioni di euro) e costruzione (importo 60,7 milioni di euro) delle nuove infrastrutture per gli F-35: l’edificio a tre piani del comando con le sale operative e i simulatori di volo; l’hangar per la manutenzione dei caccia, 3460 metri quadri con un carroponte da 5 tonnellate, più altre strutture da 2800 m2; un magazzino da 1100 m2, con annesse una palazzina di due piani per uffici e la centrale tecnologica con cabina elettrica e vasche antincendio; 15 hangaretti da 440 m2 in cui saranno dislocati i caccia pronti al decollo.

Poiché ciascun hangaretto ne potrà ospitare due, la capienza complessiva sarà di 30 F-35.

Tutti gli edifici saranno concentrati in un’unica area recintata e videosorvegliata, separata dal resto dell’aeroporto: una base all’interno della base, il cui accesso sarà vietato allo stesso personale militare dell’aeroporto salvo che agli addetti ai nuovi caccia.

Il perché è chiaro: accanto agli F-35A a decollo e atterraggio convenzionali – di cui l’Italia acquista 60 esemplari insieme a 30 F-35B a decollo corto e atterraggio verticale – saranno dislocate a Ghedi le nuove bombe nucleari statunitensi B61-12.

Come le attuali B-61, possono essere anch’esse sganciate dai Tornado PA-200 del 6° Stormo ma, per guidarle con precisione sull’obiettivo e sfruttarne le capacità anti-bunker, occorrono i caccia F-35A dotati di speciali sistemi digitali.

Poiché ciascun caccia può trasportare nella stiva interna 2 bombe nucleari, possono essere dislocate a Ghedi 60 B61-12, il triplo delle attuali B-61.

Come le precedenti, le B61-12 saranno controllate dalla speciale unità statunitense (704th Munitions Support Squadron della U.S. Air Force), «responsabile del ricevimento, stoccaggio e mantenimento delle armi della riserva bellica Usa destinate al 6° Stormo Nato dell’Aeronautica italiana».

La stessa unità dell’Aeronautica Usa ha il compito di «sostenere direttamente la missione di attacco» del 6° Stormo. Piloti italiani vengono già addestrati, nelle basi aeree di Eglin in Florida e Luke in Arizona, all’uso degli F-35 anche per missioni di attacco nucleare.

Caccia dello stesso tipo, armati o comunque armabili con le B61-12, saranno schierati nella base di Amendola (Foggia), dove un anno fa è arrivato il primo F-35, e in altre basi. Vi saranno, oltre a questi, gli F-35 della U.S. Air Force schierati ad Aviano con le B61-12.

Su questo sfondo richiedere, come ha fatto alla Camera il Movimento 5 Stelle, che l’Italia dichiari la sua «indisponibilità ad acquisire le componenti necessarie per rendere gli F-35 idonei al trasporto di armi nucleari», equivale a richiedere che l’esercito sia dotato di carrarmati senza cannone.

Il nuovo caccia F-35 e la nuova bomba nucleare B61-12 costituiscono un sistema d’arma integrato.

La partecipazione al programma dell’F-35 rafforza l’ancoraggio dell’Italia agli Stati uniti. L’industria bellica italiana, capeggiata dalla Leonardo che gestisce l’impianto di assemblaggio degli F-35 a Cameri (Novara), viene ancor più integrata nel gigantesco complesso militare-industriale Usa capeggiato dalla Lockheed Martin, la maggiore industria bellica del mondo (con 16000 fornitori negli USA e 1500 in 65 altri paesi), costruttrice dell’F-35.

Lo schieramento sul nostro territorio di F-35 armati di bombe nucleari B61-12 subordina ancor più l’Italia alla catena di comando del Pentagono, privando il Parlamento di qualsiasi reale potere decisionale.

Il manifesto, 27 novembre, 2017 


PT -- VLADIMIR PUTIN na Sessão plenária do Fórum Económico Oriental

Excertos da transcrição da sessão plenária do Fórum Económico Oriental


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