Saturday, March 17, 2018

Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie

Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie
Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie
UPDATE: Skripal Poisoning Is Another Iraqi WMD Scam
Is former British Ambassador Craig Murray the only knowledgeable and honest person the UK government can produce? It certainly seems that way. Prime Minister May and her government are now caught in a massive lie. The question is: Why is the militarily insignificant British government provoking a vastly superior military power? Is May responding to orders from the CIA and the US military/security complex? What sense does it make for the British government to accost Russia with a blatetly transparent false accusation, which, even were it true, the British are impotent to do anything about. Are the foolish British relying on their Washington leige lord? If so, they will be disappointed. Washington is a collection of dimwitted idiots who are no match for the Kremlin. And neither is Washington’s military, as long as Putin is not away at some sports event when Washington launches its attack.
Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie
Former British Ambassador Craig Murray points to the hedge in Prime Minister May’s language as evidence that she is delivering a made-up story.

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