Monday, August 28, 2017

What We Learned From Charlottesville by Paul Craig Roberts

What We Learned From Charlottesville

What We Learned From Charlottesville
Paul Craig Roberts

We learned, although we already knew it, that the US media has no integrity.
We learned that the liberal/progressive/left holds fast to myths that justify hate.
We learned that misrepresentation is the hallmark of American history.
We learned that some websites that we thought were brave are not.
We learned that Identity Politics has a firm hold and that the demonization of white people is now an ideology that rivals in strength the neoconservative ideology that Americans are the exceptional and indispensable people. Obviously, we cannot simultaneously be both deplorables and the best people on earth.
We learned that the liberal/progressive/left will cooperate with the military/security complex to bring down a president whose intent was to normalize relations with Russia and reduce the dangerously high tensions between the two major nuclear powers.
In brief, we learned that the US is on a firm course of both internal and external conflict.

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