Friday, December 18, 2015

Readers Express Their Heartfelt Thanks To The Donors To This Site

Dear Donors:

Letters such as these are arriving from many countries, including our own. Below I share with you examples of the appreciation that people express for those of you who keep this site up. Of course, I will keep access open. The majority of donors themselves have requested this decision.

Dear Dr Roberts, I live in the UK and am happily married to an Englishman. I come from Germany originally. I was born in Silesia. We had to flee in 1945 and after a lot of hardship we ended up in Bavaria where we were not welcome. I so hate wars. You cannot imagine how your articles have and continue to help me. I have learnt so much from them. I would like to say a big thank you for opening my eyes. I now do a lot of research on the Net and feel I am not alone any longer in my way of thinking. I am so glad that your site remains open. It would have been a very sad day for me if I wouldn\’thave been able to access it any longer. A big thank you to you and all your supporters who will keep it open. Heidi G.

Dear Dr. Roberts, I am very happy to read the majority of readers vote for keeping the side open for non-donators, too. My financial situation demands from me as an activist in the field of animal protection and it would drive me into an “either-or” situation, if I was to spend money to read your columns. That would make me very sad, as I love to follow your articles and interview posts and comments on whatsoever turns up in the political international field with importance for worldwide development. Furthermore I am one of the persons in my surrounding whose english standard allows to understand easily what you write and translate it for many people. I also spread information that I get and important input derives from what you write. You also give me precious hints on understanding the layers under the surface of things happening, which enables me to go on searching in whatever issue I am especially interested as a german /european citizen or just a human living in this part of our home the earth. I thank you so much for supporting many many people with information of truth so that we all – as I am one of them – spread it over the globe, to finally reach each human being able to understand, with the truth and thus the opportunity to make the world a better place, to heal the world from evil, deceit and destruction. yours sincerely, Gabriela B.

Dr. Roberts, I am writing you with regard to the question you posed about whether your readers believe you should maintain an open or a subscription only website. As a regular donor to your website, I\’m acutely aware of the free rider problem. However, in my very humble opinion, it\’s a small price to pay for reaching a potentially much larger audience (granted I fully understand that you alone pay that price). So long as you are not overly financially inconvenienced by the free publication of your articles I believe the service you provide is simply too valuable to be limited to those that have already found their way out of the matrix. As a prime example, I am a career military officer and in large part due to your writing I have made the decision to retire rather than remain complicit in the obvious criminality of our neocon controlled rogue government. If you can reach and convince me, you can do the same for just about anyone. I want to sincerely thank you for your honesty, integrity and willingness to speak truth in a world of deception. Very Respectfully, [This is a US military officer whose name and rank I omit. PCR]

God bless the donors. They are strengthening The Force. Thank you for being with me and with those who depend on us. We now reach millions of peoples worldwide.
Paul Craig Roberts


  1. This feels like a win/win for all of us!
    Thank you so much, Dr. Roberts!
    Linda Holloway

  2. I too, say thank you, for sharp to the point and sourced articles...In Canada, we actually have a public media news channel, but it has caved, literally to the politics of the party in power. Or more specifically, focusing on style and this current stupid trend of brand--as though being human with values just doesn't fit anymore.. This public media and our government lied to us about their secret and quiet bank bailout of 114 billion in 2009. As well as every secret negotiations dealing with NAFTA, CETA, TPP, TIPP, TTIP, FIPA and TISA. All trade agreements set to control or limit our domestic economics thru forced procurement competition between small-to-medium companies and foreign and domestic multinational corporations.....via the ISDS investor-state dispute settlement clauses found in every trade agreement globally....see

  3. Absolutely. Dr Roberts I admire and read everything on your site. I also contribute when I can and have recently done so this week. I have no issue with non donors accessing the site. Truth should be for all big just the few. I will continue to donate. Please do not change access and keep it as it is.

    You are doing what humanity needs. You and others in the independent media are the Only reason humanity has a chance.

    Bless you and merry Xmas.

  4. Dear Dr. Roberts:

    Your geo-political analysis and efforts for global peace are the corner stone for all of us, 'with eyes wide open' and because of your efforts, the message of truth and justice (for all) will continue to spread.

    Peace in The New Year (for the world)-Donna Volatile

  5. Dear Dr. Roberts,

    I have been reading your articles and posts for a couple of years now. I love your directness, your not beating around the bush. You tell it as it is, not hesitating for political correctness and other devices to mislead people. You have courage and wisdom.
    I have bought two of your books, and will support your site on a regular basis, so you can afford to continue writing. I have limited income, as my program was eliminated at the university, due to budget cuts (building up the military instead of education) and I am therefore without a job.
    Often your columns make me cry in despair at what is happening.

  6. Thank you all , you are wonderful !

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

    Best regrads

  7. Racketeering--collusion to accomplish a criminal agenda--is right on the surface to see in the conduct of mass media. RICO statutes should be brought to bear against the conspirators. Indict, arrest, interrogate and seize ill-gotten assets.

    Nearly all broadcast and print media personnel are involved--either through willing participation or intimidation to kill the truth.

    IMO, the Achilles heel of the cabal is the truth about 9-11. Exposing 9-11 is the first domino to drop--tipping the next and the next to route-out those who would steer the human journey into an eternity of ignorance and servitude.

    911JusticeCampaign dot org

  8. What makes your voice so unique includes your straight forward communications skills; the years of a well disciplined university education, and all the years you've spent in working within the financial fold. We are supremely fortunate to have someone of your ilk explain the ills of the current western world hell bent on destroying everyone, except for themselves.
    Kind Regards.

  9. The ruling class have made us believe that mankind is a war mongering creature. The ruling class, those that do the ruling, are full of psychopaths. They're not like me and you, so you can't reason with them. Now, many born into the ruling class are not psychopaths, but they don't do the ruling. We share the same peaceful genes as the bonobo apes, have a look at this fantastic documentary.

    Bonobo Ape - Our Closest Relative (Nature Documentary, Full Length)


  11. Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your digital Christmas card and stirring video exposing the lies that most of us are subject to in everyday life.

    I am inspired by this to report how my wife and I have avoided these lies for the past 10 years -- that is by living in a neighborhood close to the Gulf of California, a 6-1/2-hour drive due south of Tucson AZ roughly following the 111th west meridian. Our house down here is the best we’ve ever owned, made completely of concrete, rebar, and handmade bricks and mortar in place of the empty spaces of wooden American homes. With about 2500 square feet and 10 (or in one case 14) foot ceilings including two detached guest “casitas” each with its own bath, the price was just $155,000. It may be less today due to most Americans now believing the mainstream media’s incessant lying about Mexico being hyper dangerous. In fact the cops on the broad north-south highway don’t shoot people as is common in the U.S. Indeed, they hardly even stop speeders, especially not Americans, who are most welcome. Indeed, we have taken about 100 round trips to and from Tucson without hassle. Our town in Mexico, San Carlos, is a seashore resort suburb of the much larger city of Guaymas. And the San Carlos cops patrol nightly with flashing red and blue lights going constantly -- just to show that they are there; we haven’t ever seen them stop anyone. My wife buys our beef at a booth at the central market in Guaymas, the best we’ve ever tasted because it was free range rather than U.S. factory meat.

    But the best part in my opinion is our neighborhood, called “Ranchitos Campestres,” that we live in – an area about 1.5 by 1.0 km set back about 1 km from the more expensive homes along the shore. The people who initially developed it divided it into 25 x 50 meter lots, brought in water and electricity, and then simply sold off the lots with no restriction on what may be built (either home or business) so long as an architect laid out the final drawings and had them approved at an office in Guaymas. The result is a mélange of Mexicans, Canadians (usually appearing only in the winter), and Americans. So no gated community, no ticky-tacky look-alike homes, and the neighbors include relatively poor to a couple millionaires up the hill from us. And, guess what? Ranchitos is the only place in the world that we know of where everyone passing down the street either walking or driving their car waves to everyone else they pass, whether rich or poor!

    And one more thing… The bureaucrats down here, unlike those in the U.S., are pleasant and helpful. This experience includes those taking care of people like us wishing to be accepted as permanent residents of Mexico (which we did), as well as those in charge of house building (including the addition we added behind our house), and getting prompt help when our electricity is taken down by the wind, or a couple times when our internet connections failed (the phone company has an office just outside Ranchitos, which I visited, and each time she sent out a techie stat). Adding to that, our plumber is a neighbor!

    Finally, we have found good doctors and dentists down here who are as good as, or better than those we went to in Tucson, and are very much cheaper. Americans who have lost their jobs and are about to lose their house should look around down here, where houses of many different sizes abandoned by prior owners (due to their unjustified fear of Mexico) can be rented through local realtors. As it happens, the state of Sonora abutting Arizona is the only one in Mexico that can be entered on “the honor system.” However, you must have car insurance good in Mexico or you could be in big trouble if in an accident, and it would be wise to pick up a visa at kilometer 21 (free for five days or good for one month for six months for $25) and return it when you return. I will supply additional info for anyone interested.

    Best wishes, Dave

  12. ....Amazing video Dr.Roberts....21st century will NOT be remembered as a century when America attacked Country after Country.......Killing more than a million and counting....under different pretext......In order to loot the resources of other nations for benefit of the Zzzz gang Corporations......21st century will be remembered as a century ...with the masks came down.....& The Emperor lost ALL its cloth.....& it's BLOODY CLAWS were exposed.....Leading to the UNITY of all MANKIND across the globe.....Thanks to individuals like YOU Dr.Roberts who led the banner of the TRUTH lead the way.....& opened the eyes of many in the United States.......While others did the SAME around the globe....21st century will be remembered as a century....When EMPIRE of " We The People" started a cross the globe......Realizing how they were being LIED TOO....DECEIVED.......& finally the real democracy will emerge ......a cross the globe........& the only governments surviving this WAVES of JUSTICE for ALL......Be the nation's who are already fighting for the REAL JUSTICE for all........The one that are trying to maintain their independence against ALL odds......Thanks Dr. Roberts for leading this movement toward REAL DEMOCRACY in the United States...
    ....May victory be by the people....For the people....Starting WITHIN first.....Than each out to others NEXT!......Happy holidays to ALL in human family in this season of celebration in honor of a man who stood for PEACE & LOVE....

  13. Love your work/website, I think the YouTube Video, entitled, The Lie We Live. Is the best i have seen.






lie we live



“Glory to God in the highest,

and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace